Fighting Human Trafficking


Photo credit goes to A Campaign Designed To Drop Sales.

I think we should all see posters like this more often.  As depressing as advertisements geared toward raising awareness about animal cruelty or raising money for hospitals that help children with cancer can be, the initial emotional impact is only meant to be the ignition for people to take action, and here we can see that it is a similar objective intended with this poster.  The emotionally jaded would likely call it simple propaganda, but I would love to grab those people who think that way and ask them to say that to the families and friends of the victims of human trafficking.  Or better yet, to see if they feel that same way if they were to say that to a victim of human trafficking themselves.  Even when you take out what should be an emotionally instinctive reaction to what is an abomination of humanity for all those involved, you can see even from a practical standpoint how little human trafficking is worth its intended “benefits.”  The immense expense required and the substantial manpower for these disgusting cloak and dagger tactics that the evil men employ to capture innocent women and children to be sold into slavery for sexual abuse and manual labor is hardly worth the intended profit.  Not to mention the risks these “people” are taking to acquire their “goods” are certainly substantial as most countries on the planet are not lenient on those convicted of human trafficking.


Photo credit goes to ukhomeoffice.

Personally I’d prefer to see such a huge influx of tax money to be poured into law enforcement to stop human trafficking and all of the sexual violence committed against women and children.  Typically a nation will only make use of capital punishment and sentence someone to death when they have committed murder, or typically, a series of murders.  My argument is that if one of these human traffickers has ruined lives, that is essentially as evil if not more so than committing murder and they should then be sentenced to death, or perhaps better yet, a life of excruciating manual labor to make the world a better place than what they have caused it to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a supporter of violence, but justice and justifiably ridding the world of people who want to make it a poorer place.  Hopefully in the future we can at least have a strong enough deterrent for human trafficking for the business to be utterly disbanded, but in the meantime let’s build awareness and ask the governments of the world to make a stand for what we all know is right.