10 Haunted Places In India To Visit For Daredevils

Bhangarh Fort

India is a country that goes far back in time, has been conquered and ruled by a huge number of Dynasties, witnessed a lot of battles and has numerous fascinating stories to tell. Being handed down through generations, a huge number of these stories have taken on a mysterious and supernatural form and picked the curiosity of people of today even more. It is said that the curiosity to know the unknown is what makes a Daredevil.

If you are a true daredevil, check out these ‘haunted’ places in India for a heart-stopping experience:

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To Stop a Terrible Crime: Human Trafficking

captured girl

These hands look way too young to be bound in chains. Photo credit to Imagens Evangelicas. Human trafficking is a very serious and terrible crime, which is often committed to use women and even young girls for sex slavery. The occurrence of this throughout the world needs to come to a stop, especially in parts … Read moreTo Stop a Terrible Crime: Human Trafficking

Fighting Human Trafficking

Photo credit goes to A Campaign Designed To Drop Sales. I think we should all see posters like this more often.  As depressing as advertisements geared toward raising awareness about animal cruelty or raising money for hospitals that help children with cancer can be, the initial emotional impact is only meant to be the ignition … Read moreFighting Human Trafficking